T’s Bar Karaoke in Pueblo Colorado

Until Further Notice, T & M Entertainment is no longer hosting Karaoke at T’s Bar.

T’s Bar Karaoke in Pueblo Colorado is always a blast.

Located at 34158 E US Highway 50, Pueblo, CO 81006. Phone #(719) 948-9987

T's Bar Karaoke Pueblo Colorado
T’s Bar and Liquor Store Pueblo Karaoke

Below is a post from the fall of 2015.

Karaoke in Vineland Colorado just 10 miles east of down town Pueblo was raging this weekend.
We hadT'S Bar Karaoke Pueblo a blast running the karaoke show at T’s Bar in Pueblo Colorado this past Friday night. We had a variety of singers and some fun times dancing on the bar and playing pool. T’s Bar is a great place to unwind and have a great time singing and hanging out with friends.

T’s Bar Karaoke in Pueblo Colorado

This past Friday, (April 2017) Big Dave was the KJ and the place was jam packed. We had the young crowd, a few from the old crowd and a pretty good sized crowd in the middle. By the end of the night, there were about 20 singers taking their turns and the drinks were flowing in rhythm with the tunes.

Big Dave is an up beat KJ and he knows how to turn up the party volume. Standing 6′ 9″ tall and resembling Toby Keith, Dave can lay down some awesome tunes when it is his turn to sing.

You will find line dancing in addition to karaoke and there is a pretty good selection of non karaoke music for your regular DJ style enjoyment. A few of the non singers have been known to put in their special requests for a favorite song.


T’s Bar Karaoke In Pueblo CO.

One of the most fun bars you can visit. One of the nicest pool tables in the city and almost any tune you would care to sing ready at your command. Catch us this Friday for the Karaoke show where Big Dave will be your KJ and Host.

Show up early, stay late, Drink and have fun!