Parises Lounge Pueblo Co Karaoke

Parise’s Lounge Pueblo CO Karaoke

Parise's Lounge Karaoke Pueblo Colorado
Parise’s Lounge Karaoke Pueblo Colorado
Karaoke with T & M Entertainment.
Join the fun at Parise’s  430 W 30th St Pueblo, CO 81008, Phone # 719-542-9708.
Parise's Lounge Karaoke Halloween
Parise’s Lounge Pueblo Co Karaoke Halloween
Jay and the rest of the KJ crew with T & M know how to get their Sing ON!
Tuesday through Sunday nights from 9 to close based on the crowd and demand. HOT! HOT! HOT! The party is on at Parise’s.
Check out the fun times in the picture on the left. This was Halloween Karaoke in Parise’s Lounge. It looks like the Cat in the Hat was singing with some kind of Dr.
Parise’s Lounge is famous for being one of the few if not the only Karaoke Bar in Pueblo Colorado to run the show on all major holidays. (Holiday Karaoke at it’s Finest)
The bartenders who work at Parise’s Lounge ROCK! Awesome drink specials EVERY night, plenty of room to sit down, stand up or whatever you are into. lol If you enjoy shooting pool, you be we happy to hear about the 2 pool tables.

Parise’s Lounge Pueblo Co Karaoke

Pueblo Karaoke at Parise's
Parise’s Karaoke Party Pueblo Colorado

Jay and the rest of the KJ gang know how to treat people and everyone gets their fair share of singing time in front of the microphone.

Enjoy top notch equipment where no expense has been spared. You can be the star and sound great with the power we pump through those 15 inch speakers and the top quality microphones.
Enjoy great service and quality beverages while you and your friends sing the night away.
Follow all of T & M Entertainment shows with the Pueblo Colorado Karaoke Schedule Here!
Be sure to join the fun at Parise’s Lounge in Pueblo.  (719) 542-9708
430 W 30th St Pueblo, CO 81008

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