Karaoke Pueblo Colorado Style

Karaoke For Hire Pueblo Colorado
Karaoke For Hire Pueblo Colorado

T & M Entertainment 35849 Ford Rd Pueblo CO 81006, Also Known as Karaoke For Hire Takes care of numerous weekly entertainment shows and quite a few special events throughout the year. Special events such as weddings, birthday parties, office parties, anniversaries and even political events.


You can call Rebekah, 719-251-7879 for assistance with planning your event and booking a KJ (Karaoke Jockey), DJ (Disc Jockey) or combination show.

T & M Entertainment provides up beat and fun Dj and KJ Talent who truly enjoy putting on a first class show where everyone has fun. If the song is available in the karaoke format we most likely will have it in our gigantic data base. We are always on top of updating our music and we keep a list of special request songs. This is in addition to our over 2 terabytes of regular music from all genre’s.

Pueblo Colorado has a pretty good karaoke following. You will find several shows running in various venues spread out through the city and county areas.

Karaoke Pueblo Colorado Style is a blast!

Pueblo Colorado Karaoke
Karaoke Pueblo Colorado Style!

As you will notice in the picture to the right, we have multiple microphones. This allows groups of friends to grace the stage together in addition to people singing solo.


When people start to get there groove on after a few ounces of courage juice, the singer list starts to grow. You would be amazed with some of the people who decide to sing when the party is fun.

Pueblo Colorado Karaoke Halloween
Pueblo, Colorado Karaoke Halloween

The picture on the left is from a Halloween Party which was held on the North Side of Pueblo Colorado in a lounge called Parise’s.

You will notice the Cat in the Hat singing with the DR. I wonder if he is a Veterinarian? lol

Probably just Dr. KJ





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