Karaoke For Hire Pueblo Co

Karaoke For Hire Pueblo Co

Karaoke for hire?  Pueblo, Colorado and surrounding areas.

T & M Entertainment
35849 Ford rd. Pueblo, Colorado 81006
(719) 251-7879
Ted Mauro and Dave Tatman can both be considered a terrific, experienced, professional, and courteous karaoke dj. This Pueblo, Colorado Karaoke team has some of the best DJ services to provide. Not only that, they are all around great people.
Ted Mauro is a professional business man. He knows how to get the show running without mistake and has over ten years of experience.
Dave Tatman, known as Big Dave to his friends and fellow karaoke lovers, has been running karaoke shows for 15 years. He is very experienced and knows how to make sure everyone is having a good time.  With these two running the show, you can’t help but jump up and have the time of your life. They are two of the most brilliant Pueblo, Colorado DJs.

Karaoke for hire dot com

uses only state of the art equipment which is computer generated. You will hear only the best quality of music.  The music in updated monthly with more and more of your favorite songs added to the list. With over one hundred thousand songs already, you are sure to find the song that makes you want to sing and dance.
Do you need a private karaoke show in Pueblo or nearby Colorado town? Now, you can throw a private party and still have all of the fun of going out to karaoke. Imagine how much fun you and your friends will have and how impressed all of your guests will be when they see the state of the art equipment with almost every song they can think of. This will ensure a great night to remember. Who doesn’t love fun and music?  So go do something productive and treat yourself to an amazing night. You deserve it! This is the time to let loose and really enjoy life. Make it a night to remember. We all love to think back on that great night with our good friends, right? This is the night! You will only live today once so make it count.
When choosing karaoke for hire in Pueblo Colorado, come to Ted and Dave. This will assure you a successful event. You will love not only singing to your hearts content but meeting two of the most outgoing and courteous people.  You will undoubtedly find yourself making friends with these two guys and possibly conquering your fear of stage fright because, “Hey, I want to have fun tonight!”
Karaoke DJs are not all created equal. Prompt, professional, and fun makes for a very smooth event. If you are looking for a show, in Pueblo, Colorado or surrounding areas, Dave is the DJ for you. Dave has been running DJ and Karaoke shows for fifteen years. Dave also ran sound for several entertainers such as The Bellamy Brothers, Lynyard Skynard, Dwight Yokam, and Hank Thompson, just to name a few.
Either contact us through this Karaoke for hire dot com or contact us at the number above or (719) 251-7879 to book your show now.

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  1. Hi, my name is Francis, I’m the activities director her at The Center at Parkwest in Pueblo. I was curious as to what you would charge for, and if you would be available for, a 1 hour appointment here at our facility next month. This would be an afternoon event and if possible, something that would recur every month. I will give you a call to follow up on this email in a day or two. My contact number here is 585-3456 and email as entered in the field below. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

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